Sunday Dharma Talk
Appreciative Joy

Appreciative Joy

February 21, 2021

Appreciative joy is one of the sublime abidings, qualities of the heart.  We cultivate this sublime abiding by reflecting on our own goodness and the goodness in the world.  In this talk, Peter Doobinin explains this process of taking care of the heart.  The talk was given at Sunday Night Meditation in August 2014.



February 14, 2021

We can change.  Indeed, as dharma students this is our task, to bring about change in our lives.  As Peter Doobinin explains, we change, in following the Buddha's path, by developing skills.  And it's something we all can do.  The dharma talk was given at a daylong retreat in April 2011. 

Understanding Our Human Experience

Understanding Our Human Experience

February 7, 2021

To make the most of our lives, we have to come to understand our human experience.  As the Buddha tells us, we awaken to our human experience through the body.  In this dharma talk, Peter Doobinin describes how we're able to realize our potential by practicing mindfulness of the body.  The talk was given at a Meditation & Yoga daylong retreat in April 2015.

They awaken, always wide awake:
Gotama’s disciples
whose mindfulness, both day & night,
is constantly immersed
in the body.
(Dhp 299)

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